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--------------------------------- Info -----------------------------------------

The game takes place at a small island, where you have to collect resources (Wood and Stone) in order to build up walls and archer towers, so you can defend this mysterious crystal the goblin army wants to destroy.

You have ~38 seconds to gather whatever you need and build your defenses each wave.

---------------------- The Game -------------------------------

Don't look at the screenshots if you don't want to be spoiled.

  • Controls:
    • WASD/Arrow keys - Movement
    • Left mouse button - Attack
    • Right mouse button - Opens building menu
      • 1 - Builds Barricades/Upgrades Tower/Barricades Health
      • 2 - Builds Tower/Upgrades Tower damage
    • R - Restarts the game
    • Esc - Closes the game
  • The game is pretty simple:
    • You have to defend the crystal
    • Enemies come in waves
    • Enemies don't attack you, only structures and the crystal
    • You can collect wood and stone to build structures
    • Different enemies have different attacks/effects
    • Trees and rocks already collected respawn after 2 waves
  • For those who don't mind being spoiled:
    • There is a boss at waves 5 and 10
    • A scavenger spawns at waves 3, 6 and 9
      • Kill it to receive some cool bonuses :)

Install instructions

First off, you'll need to know which resolution better suits you. The "Lower resolution" version is 1024x768, while the normal one is 1536x1152.

  • If you do not know your resolution, go for the "Lower resolution" one

Double click the .exe file or Just unzip the .zip file.

As easy as that.


Goblin Assault v2.exe 2 MB
Goblin Assault v2.zip 1 MB
Goblin Assault v2 - Lower resolution.exe 2 MB
Goblin Assault v2 - Lower resolustion.zip 1 MB

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