About Mistral

You play as a fearless and greedy archer who is after the treasure of the great graveyard. Little do you know that the money is cursed, and that the more you get, the more enemies come after you!


You didn't really prepare yourself too much for this challenge (because of how fearless you are) and thus you're only equipped with your trusty bow and your shiny dagger.

Press the action buttons to draw your bow and shoot arrows, or jump to automatically start stabbing upwards!

Kill every enemy alive to get your well deserved reward, but remember that every action comes with consequences.

About Mistral's development

Mistral was made for Ludum Dare 40, whichs theme was: "The more you have, the worse it is"

The Code

Mistral was coded in PICO-8, the 8bit fantasy console; PICO-8 executes Lua 5.5 code.
The game was entirely coded by Syndelis.

The Art

Pixel art

Pixel arts were done by Syndelis, Lowres and Tapiraat, and were refined by Syndelis.

Box art

The box art (Coming Soon) was drawn by Lowres and designed by Muijf.


The whole soundtrack, including the SFXes and the Songs, was made by the musician Christian Royle. Check out more of his awesome music at his SoundCloud page

Install instructions

For the Windows, Linux or Mac downloads, just execute the archives as you would with a normal program.

For the Pico-8 Cartridge and Cartridge on image, open Pico-8 and load them with `load mistral`


  • Arrow keys
    • Left and Right for horizontal movement
    • Up for jumping + upwards stabbing
    • Down for ducking
  • Z + X
    • Shoots with your bow


Mistral - Windows 734 kB
Mistral - Linux 401 kB
Mistral - Mac 865 kB
Pico-8 Cartridge 50 kB
Pico-8 Cartridge on Image 17 kB

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